Developing the right skills for I4.0 at the Manufacturing Management Show

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During his keynote ‘Developing the right skills for Industry 4.0’ Neil will pose some of the skills and management challenges that people will face during Industry 4.0. He will identify how the right training and leadership skills will help to meet those challenges and make the most of the opportunities presented by Industry 4.0.

Neil’s keynote covers:

• The skills shortage and upskilling for the future.
• Challenges when implementing change within an organisation.
• The leadership skills required for change.
• The importance of communication and employee engagement in the implementation of Industry 4.0.

Neil says, “We used to say that at least change was constant. Now it feels like even change itself is changing. The amount of activity, the frequency of projects and the requirement to adapt quickly is ever increasing. The nature of change is shifting with new technology and Industry 4.0 becoming a reality.

“This raises a lot of questions. What does Industry 4.0 bring in terms of skills and management? How will companies find the right people to work with Industry 4.0 technology? And what skills will be required to effectively implement such a new way of working? My keynote will address some of these important issues.”

Other high profile speakers at the conference include Trevor Stacey, Operations Director for Coca Cola European Partners and Jon Evans, Head of Operations at BAE Systems.